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Welcome to my new and improved Role-Playing Game web site. For those of you who have been here before these changes are along time in the making and for that I apologise but many changes have occurred over the last year.
This site has now been changed to include a new RPG that we will begin playing in a few weeks call Hong Kong Action Theatre! The link to the page with the new details on the next game is listed below along with all of the old links to the other pages that have been here over the years.

The HKAT! pages will include all the details on the up coming adventure and any results of that adventure once it is played out. As new adventures are played they will also be added to the list just as I have done in the past with the D&D campaigns. Possible roles will also be posted so that the players can preview the movie before actually bidding on their role.

The Old RPG Group pages are all the pages that have been here for years and anyone who has been to this site will already be familiar with them. I will make updates where needed, but unless the old games start back up again (and I am will to do so should the group decide to get back together) than quite possibly the adventures could continue.

The New RPG group pages will not actually be my pages at all. Instead it will be a link to Chris Talbot's web site (our DM) where he has actually posted his own information reguarding that adventuring group. Why should I do all the work when someone else was kind enough to do it for me!

The world of Gaia pages are the detail about the world that I have created for my own campaigns so I have place it together on its own pages. It will include all of the new house rules that I use for that world, the world's background notes as well as stories that I have been working on that take place in that world. I have been writing fantasy stories that take place inside that world over the last few years and I have one completed novel, one have written novel and a plotted third story to complete the trilogy. Eventually the chapters will begin to appear on these pages so that I can recieve feedback on their quality. However, they are currently only in rough draft form and will not be posted for a while yet.

The RPG Pages List:
Hong Kong Action Theatre!
The Old RPG Group
The new RPG Group
The World of Gaia

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