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I have so many different groups of friends that it would be impossible to list all of them here. These are just a few of the more notable groups of people I have met over the years and still keep contact with:


Now at some point those of us who role-played needed to find new people to role-play with, since other were not into it any more (this was back in 95). So Jeremy and I came up with an idea. We posted an ad at Unicorn Comics, the local and most popular comic book store, looking for role-player. It was from that posting that we met Jarrett and Geoff. Geoff lived in Pickering which is two towns over and was really into Vampire and other WhiteWolf related games. He is the one who introduced me to Japanese Anime. He and his role-playing friends hung around with us for about a year. Then Geoff moved to Toronto. I saw him once at a Marilyn Manson concert about a year later but that was the last time I saw him.
Jarrett however, we have hung around with ever since we met him. we have played many games over the years.
Just recently I have met some new people to role-play with Chris and Logan, whom I knew previously, and three new people. They all have a role-playing group that I have now been allowed to join.


Although I E-mail many of my close friends on a regular basis, there are few of them that I have not met. The latest role-playing group I am in is solely based on the fact that I met Chris in an online database ( for role-players and now we play in person. There are only two people I still correspond with who I have not met yet in person. Tara in England and the Goddess of Lost Souls (as she likes to be called) in Colorado. I have been sending messages for about a year and a half now to each of them. Unfortunately, I'm not very fast at the present time with my e-mail messages (sorry Ladies!), but that may changes now that I have my own web site to work on and maintain! Of course, both of them have their own web pages which you can view;